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Simple Builds Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

PC Part Upgrade and Servicing

Troubleshooting and Cleaning

Over time computers will collect dust and begin to slow down. This service provides cleaning to remove unneeded programs and files from your computer as well as removing built up dust from inside your device. We also offer general device troubleshooting. 

Service Forms

Full PC Build Form

Upgrade Request Form

Cleaning and Troubleshooting form

Full PC Build

This is a great option for those looking for a new computer. We will work within your desired price range to find all necessary parts and components. The finished product will be a  computer custom tailored to meet your every need. We use components from AMD, Intel, and a wide variety of companies to make sure you receive the computer you need.

Is the computer you already have running a little slow? Don't want to buy a new computer? Have us take a look at it. Many parts are replaceable and upgradeable. This option can be a very affordable alternative and still improve the overall performance of your PC.

Prices vary depending on which component is upgraded or replaced.