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Our mission: Simply to build custom computers for our customers and provide troubleshooting services. 

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What Type of Computers do we Build?

What Will a Full Build Cost?

Take a look at these general price ranges. 

(Prices include parts and labor)


Please note that any addition of peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard, headset, and monitor are not included in the listed price range. The addition of any of these will increase the overall price of your build.

What kind of build is right for you?

We've compiled this quiz to help you decide

We will take the results from this quiz and assemble a part list. An email will be sent to you with full details. You can make any changes necessary.

Reach Out to Us

For any questions or requests, send an email to the address below. We will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Littleton, CO, USA

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